Deven Shah

Organist and Accompanist

Deven Shaw Organist and Accompanist

Deven Shah was born in Erie, PA, where he lived his whole life until coming to Bloomington for university. He’s lived in Bloomington for the past four years now, everything before that was in or around Erie.

Deven graduated high school (homeschooled) in 2018, and immediately enrolled at IU in the BM Piano Performance degree. He has studied piano for 17 years now, the organ for 8, and played for churches for all 8 of that. Mainly Methodist, but he’s also played for Lutheran, Presbyterian, Christian, and Missionary Alliance.

Deven has one brother (Kiran), two years older than him, and parents (Taral and Colleen), all of which live in Erie, PA.

From Deven: I enjoy the people and the friendships. Bradley is a very close-knit church, and I look forward every week to seeing the congregation. It’s amazing to have a group of people come together every week and sing hymns and worship together. I hope that Bradley will grow in size and membership while retaining the tight bonds between members. I hope choir participation grows, with new people with no choir experience joining and learning what it’s like.