Amanda Ellery

Youth Director at Bradley United Methodist Church

Amanda Ellery believes that student ministry should be a safe place for youth to learn and grow in understanding how being a Christian is relevant and important in their lives. She wants to help young people understand ways to develop a personal relationship with God through prayer, biblical study, and open discussion that will mature with them as they navigate their way to adulthood. 

Bradley UMC has been a pillar of the Greenfield community for well over a hundred years, and Amanda wants to help continue that tradition by assisting youth in becoming strong Christian people with hearts for helping their neighbors, community, and friends. Everyone has a place to learn and grow at Bradley.

Amanda Ellery grew up in Greenfield and went to Mt. Vernon High School. She has a Bachelor of Music Theory and Composition degree from Butler University, a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from California State University, and a Master of Music Education degree from Anderson University. She will complete a Master of Music Composition degree from Butler University in May of 2024. She is dedicated to composing concert music and playing the flute. Amanda has taught elementary music, high school and junior high choir and guitar classes, coached swimming, and been an active church musician all her life. She has two children: Johnny, who is a 1st Lieutenant in the U.S. Army, and Kaytea, who is an auto mechanic.