Values, Mission and Vision

Our Values…

We are a congregation valuing biblical and inclusive expressions of the Christian faith rooted in our rich heritage and tradition, yet seeking to continue to evolve in ever-deepening relationships with Jesus Christ and with our community.

Our Mission…

Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World

Our Vision…

Connecting in faith, growing in grace, serving in love and sharing in hope, Bradley United Methodist Church will make followers of Jesus by embracing our community to create welcoming and enjoyable settings for meaningful faith experiences that share the good news of Christ’s love, inspiring hope and purpose in people’s lives.

Our Ministry Strategies…

  • Develop ministries to reach young people, under the age 35, especially families with young children.
  • Create ministries to reach singles, couples and families, ages 35-54, which represent the largest single age group in our area.
  • Embrace our downtown location by serving our community through ministries designed to improve family dynamics, assist with single-parenting issues, and provide resources to break unhealthy relational cycles of dependence.
  • Leverage our excellent worship and music ministries to provide a variety of inviting, exciting and hospitable worship opportunities for our congregation and our community.
  • Enhance existing ministries to boomers, ages 51-65, and seniors, over age 65.

Our Model for Sharpening Our Outward Focus…

Bradley United Methodist Church will sharpen our outward focus as a church by LINKing to our community and world in Christ’s Love.

LLoving one another as God loves us

I Inviting our friends, relatives, acquaintances, and neighbors

NNurturing each other and those we know in the faith

KKindling authentic relationships with people in our community